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Dear student

I found this online, and can’t take credit for it, but it absolutely deserves a repost. Love it!


Dear Student,

Resistance is futile. I am your personal, designated brick wall. 

If you write “111” as the answer for half the math assignment, I will tell you that I only send students to recess who have done their best on the assignment…and I WILL check. If you miss every single question on the science quiz because you’re unhappy that you moved your number because of that inappropriate gesture in line, then I will calmly reply, “You know, I give science tests over and over and over and over again to students until they miss no more than 5.” I wasn’t really surprised that a student who could get every question wrong when they wanted could also ace the test when they tried. You were only 1 of 3 to receive 100%, by the way.

But most of all, my dear student, I wish I could whisper this truth into your soul: You really should let me win, because when I win, so do you.

So, tomorrow is Monday, dear student, and I’m prepared to communicate to you once again that resistance is futile. You may not know it, but I’m fighting for you.


Your Teacher

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Timeline of my weekend:

Friday: WOO! it’s finally the weekend. I have two whole days off. I’m not doing any school work tonight!

Saturday morning: Ahh, so refreshed. I have today and tomorrow to get things done. I’ll start by doing some housework and relaxing.

Saturday night: Oh, I’ll just relax a bit longer. I’ll do school work tomorrow, I’ll have all day!

Sunday morning: The whole day is ahead of me, why correct papers now?

Sunday afternoon: Hmm…. I should start grading soon…. Hey look, a movie I wanted to watch on netflix!

Sunday night: stress and grading prevail. 😦 

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Perusing the local public library book sale earlier, I found these gems.




Talk about childhood memories! I can’t believe that almost 20 years after reading them, I can recall both plot lines. I even remembered the cover art as soon as I saw it. Isn’t it amazing what a powerful impact a book can have on a young reader?

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Pencil Sharpeners

Seriously, I don’t know about you, but I have struggled to find a pencil sharpener hardy enough to survive in my classroom. As it turns out, 5th graders are tough on stuff! The electric ones get jammed up, and the manual one we had broke long ago. What’s a girl to do? The heavy duty pencil sharpeners I see at Staples are expensive! What do you use in your classroom?



After going back and forth for a few months about whether or not I should join the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), I finally decided to do it. I happened to send a tweet a few days ago asking for opinions on joining, and I mentioned @NCTM. Much to my surprise, they read the tweet and responded with a discount code for new members! I was happy to see that they were interested in new members, and excitedly took them up on their offer. Can’t wait to read their monthly journal, Teaching Children Mathematics, for some new instructional ideas.